The SED3 Project – Designing and Building a Micro Wind Turbine

Sustainable Energy Design 3 (SED3) was one of the newer but compulsory courses on my degree last year and as I am currently beginning my new dissertation project this in the one year anniversary on possibly the most amazing group project I will ever have worked on, I thought I would actually get around to … Continue reading The SED3 Project – Designing and Building a Micro Wind Turbine


Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

So I created several Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) themed playlists on Spotify following on from the (relative) success of the materials and elements playlists and of course, in the process I went looking for others around the internet have found a few that other people have made... Here I present my findings: My … Continue reading Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

Introducing… Superhydrophobic Whisk Design

So every week the Engineering Teaching Office at my university email us all with a newsletter which a few weeks contained, amongst other things, a link to the Electrolux Ideas Lab competition. Intrigued of course I gave it a look, and saw the challenge to be a relatively simple one - how to get more … Continue reading Introducing… Superhydrophobic Whisk Design

Edinsolar (Solar Vehicle Challenge) Playlist

To celebrate Edinburgh University's new solar vehicle team - Edinsolar - I made a playlist of songs relating to the World Solar Challenge! Listen to the Spotify playlist here - spotify:user:bluepigeons:playlist:7zocxsdn41cMdkoRjNtF6P

The Best Twitter Science Humour

As geeky is now cool and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) jokes are mainstream, on t-shirts and television, some might think that all the old jokes have been overused. At the same time, many STEM professionals all over the place are being encouraged to take to social media to share their research and raise the … Continue reading The Best Twitter Science Humour

A New Era Of Silly Inventions

Engineers used to be the 'head in the clouds' dreamers trying to build flying contraptions that Heath Robinson parodied and Rube Goldberg celebrated but, over the last century, we have become more accustomed to seeing them as Silicon Valley businessmen or frugal car mechanics. The age of "techno-aesthetics" is having a revival at last*. This … Continue reading A New Era Of Silly Inventions

Thermodynamics Playlist

Following on from my recent materials playlist and elements playlist, I decided to do another 'sciencey' collection of music, and so continuing in the field of materials science I thought I would do a thermodynamics playlist, especially as it was a topic I was revising for my summer exams. Listen to the Spotify playlist here: … Continue reading Thermodynamics Playlist

Materials Playlist

Inspired by Materials World's recent #materialsplaylist game on Twitter I decided that I would make a more complete and structured playlist of "materials". While looking up songs I found both Materials World's #materialsplaylist 2013 and this very useful list of songs featuring gold. I found that there were too many instrumental and heavy metal songs … Continue reading Materials Playlist

UK School STEM Competition Directory

Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) The list of STEM competitions, events and awards available to pre-university students in the UK. If you know of any that I have not included in the list then comment and let me know! I am hoping to update soon to include tags on the competitions if they are … Continue reading UK School STEM Competition Directory

Fictional Things Now Fact

Okay so are actually also a lot of things that we can actually build that we used to portray in fiction in general popular culture that for a very long time we would laugh at and secretly wish we could actually build and own for ourselves. Actually thanks to a combination of lots of clever … Continue reading Fictional Things Now Fact