Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

So I created several Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) themed playlists on Spotify following on from the (relative) success of the materials and elements playlists and of course, in the process I went looking for others around the internet have found a few that other people have made… Here I present my findings:

My STEM Playlists (+ Accompanying Blog Posts):



Solar Vehicle Challenge


My STEM Playlists (Spotify only):

Electronic/Electrical Engineering

Particle Accelerators

Other STEM Playlists & Music:

They Might Be Giants album It Might Be Science

Tom Lehrer’s math songs

Music is math: ten songs about mathematics

University of Windsor’s Mathematical Society’s Maths Playlist

Greg Crowther’s blog has a page listing his favourite STEM songs in alpphabetical order

Sing About Science have made a database of songs written specifically about science, divided up to the different groups e.g. biology

Tommorrow’s Engineers’ #EngineeringTunes’s Astronaut’s Playlist

Yahoo Music’s Time Travel – even if it was inspired by a mistake!

Forbes Geek Maths Playlist – (sadly only 5 songs)

This Fun Maths on YouTube page has links to some great maths comedy songs

New Scientist’s discussion of the Top 10 Science Pop Songs

Image by Erin Nolan 2016 |
Image by Erin Nolan 2016 |

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