A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Deutscher Werkbund

This is part of a series of posts summarising key points of different design movements, see A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Introduction for more information.

Deutscher Werkbund


A German association of architects, artists, designers and industrialists

1907 – 1938

Pioneered the integration of craftsman, artists and industrialists togetherin thedesign process, rather than viewing industrialisation and art as separate, opposing entities

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the Arts & Crafts movement

Its motto was “Vom Sofakissen zum Städtebau” – ‘from sofa-cushions to city-building

Founded in Munich by Hermann Mathieus

Key in the development of modern architecture

Developed the first idea of corporate identitydesigned the logo, publicity and graphic themes for AEG, the first time this had ever been done

Included Peter Behrens, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Lilly Reich, Henry Van Der Velde

Inspired the creation of similar organisations in other countries

Began the development of the Bauhaus school, trained several of its  designers

Encouraged standardised design and mass production

0628_behrens01_rect540  0628_behrens07_rect540  Aeg_peter-behrens03 werkbund Deutscher Werkbund

CASE STUDY – Peter Behrens




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