A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Streamline

This is part of a series of posts summarising key points of different design movements, see A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Introduction for more information.

Streamline ‘Moderne’


Can be seen as a branch of the Art Deco movement


Designs used aerodynamic principles with Art Deco geometric shapes

Practical and simple enough for production in the Great Depression but with luxury, glamorous overtones

Worked with the new desire for speed and efficiency with the rise of cars etc


Pioneered by Norman Bel Geddes with his book ‘Horizons’ (1932) that laid down rules and descriptions of streamlined design

Mainly US based but with European origins in factors like Italian Futurism and German Zeppelins

Gilbert Rhode, Kem Weber, Walter Dorwin Teague, Raymond Loewy

Influenced by the developing aerodynamic technologies in aviation and ballistics

Included pseudo-streamlined vehicles and static objects e.g. refrigerators and clocks


CASE STUDY – Raymond Loewy

    raymond_loewy_pencil_sharpener raymond-loewy_fanta_bottle_1960 stu53redmoney   Le_Creuset PRR_S1


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