A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Bauhaus

This is part of a series of posts summarising key points of different design movements, see A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Introduction for more information.



School of art and architecture in Germany architektur_dessau_bauhausg_01

[Weimar(1919-1925), Dessau(1925-1932), Berlin(1932-1933)]


Pioneer of combining studies of pure arts with pure crafts

Aimed to unite art and technology

Workshops produced prototypes intended for mass production

Radically simplified forms to achieve function but still be aesthetic


Founded by Walter Gropius, who previously worked for DWB

Faculty and students including Marianne Brandt, Marcel Breuer, Wassiliy Kandinsky, Paul Klee

Coped with the limited resources and troubled politics of post-war Germany



CASE STUDY – Marcel Breuer

        S-285-by-THONET-by-Marcel-Breuer-image-1-350x350  Wassily-Lounge-Chair-by-Knoll-International-by-Marcel-Breuer-image-1-350x350 B9-a-d-by-THONET-by-Marcel-Breuer-image-1-350x350


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