A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Art Deco

This is part of a series of posts summarising key points of different design movements, see A Very Brief Guide To Design Movements – Introduction for more information.

Art Deco

Chrysler-Building-new-york-353829_400_600p044004sart deco posters-stock citroen c_1920-internationalposter

Included Raymond Templier, Eileen Gray, Clarice Cliff

Often used stylised images of cruise liners, aeroplanes, cars, skyscrapers etc

Influenced by Cubism, Italian Futurism, archaeological findings (Tutankhamen in 1922, Aztecs), early Hollywood

1920 -1939

Reaction against Art Nouveau and the austerity of the First World War


Used vertical lines, geometric and angular shapes, sunburst motifs, chevrons, zigzags, jumbled shapes

Materials: chrome, mirror tiles, highly polished wood, stainless steel, Bakelite and new plastics, glass

Bold colours of black, gold, chrome, red, cream, beige, silver


art deco posters-la montagne,c_1930-internationalposterart deco posters-panhard,1932-lordprice_co_ukadc4lg

CASE STUDY – Raymond Templier

  2_Fouquet_Brooch-redim300-ad03f XXX_123_1304067528_18936_raymond_templier_banque_paris_1937_jean_tholance


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