Interesting Clock Designs…

Like clocks? Bored? Here is your step by step guide to designing your own interesting clock!*

*PLEASE NOTE: Might not work. Might work even if you don’t like clocks.


Find any iconic images or objects that are circular, spherical or at least vaguely round or contain such shapes within them.

192-630x946clocksevermade33197285_3_600unusual-clocksclocksevermade11p3497_main clocksevermade54 clocksevermade1 13-630x630clocksevermade8typography-inspired-furnitureUnique-and-Abstract-Modern-Wall-Clocks-by-Dario-Serio-2

Find anything that moves in a circular or round motion or at least, anything that could. (HINT – It doesn’t have to be the hands of the clock that move around.)

p2573_mainclocksevermade31 time-by-jehslaub.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.U_5rMPs0pC 184537_1_600circuit-wall-clock.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.lipzKS2kxsclocksevermade56 unusual-watches-09normal-timepieces.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.d0xHoHHpsktimecolor-changing-watch-499x356 oring1 timespherewallclock

Find of any sets, collections or ranges of items and/or images with at least 12 distinct items.

23 26 clocksevermade26141-630x630121-630x649clocksevermade23

Think of effective/silly methods of waking people up.


Do you know of any other ways of writing the numbers 1 – 12? Any other ways to represent the proportion of the way around the clock?

p1947_column_grid_12clocksevermade7clocksevermade2 morse-code-clockmathclock ac3f_pop_quiz_clockac3f_pop_quiz_clock_newclocksevermade38clocksevermade5 xtime-machine-clock.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.n3RP-NwlkV Do_not_watch_from_this_strange_quot;see_quot;_Time_Photos_weird_watches_novelty_Jewelry_Industry

When is it important that people check the time?
(More about the Delete Clock below here)

delete-clockxinstructional-wall-clocks.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.S9y-6cwhDr 192312_2_600192312_1_600

…And where is it important that people check the time?


Make visual puns and/or popular culture references.

dali-clockclapperboardalarmclock119898_9cucucity-urbantime-flies-clock.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.9x5jjELSJc17-eco-friendly-silhouette-630x630clocksevermade24clocksevermade3dali%20clock 8bit-clock.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.K2wMO6lJbrl_backwards_clocke854_dalek_projection_clock195407_2_600xporsche-911-tabletop-clock.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.EZSrO-sv0D8383234C 105ratraceclockclocksevermade6

Make it visually stunning.

95181239_3_600 19620010large-201x330p3412_maincrownplaza_bbig-150x150

Make people interact with it. You know, make it hidden… or just comfy.

(More about the Vague clock shown below here)


But whatever you do, DO NOT:

  • Take any old image/object/anything and just stick a pair of clock hands on top.
  • Just make a copy one of the really awesome clocks I included in this post. Seriously that’s not just plagiarism but really lazy too.
  • Worry about whether or not anyone can actually read the time from your clock. If it’s too confusing then it’s just art, that’s all.

Enjoy your clock designing!


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