Intelligence, Failure and Fault

The Loch So the TV show The Loch, a sort of Scottish version of Broadchurch type crime drama, is being met with fairly mixed reviews as many are not enjoying the many glaring faults the show's writing is riddled with, particularly reliance on so many cliches and tropes. But in general I was enjoying watching … Continue reading Intelligence, Failure and Fault


Notes On My Personality In The Digital Data ‘Revolution’

A while ago I had intended to write a post about my identity and all that I felt I had learned about who I am over these last few years but amongst other things it got sidelined. Then this week I was watching the second episode of the BBC documentary series Secrets of Silicon Valley … Continue reading Notes On My Personality In The Digital Data ‘Revolution’

Some Game of Thrones Playlists

Okay so if you have somehow missed my cluster of STEM-themed playlists then you can be forgiven but in return I ask you to forgive me for the terrible mini-project I started a few years ago - a collection of Game of Thrones themed playlists. What makes them quite so terrible? Well, like my STEM-themed … Continue reading Some Game of Thrones Playlists

The Extreme Sports Life on a Low Budget

My Mum bought me for Christmas this year one of those many "write a list" books that are popular at the moment, this one being "My Future Listography" specifically. In essence it is a dedicated notebook for assembling bucket lists. I assume part of the reasoning for this gift was my love of lists, and … Continue reading The Extreme Sports Life on a Low Budget

Endeavour, Morse, and Lewis Playlist

Basically, (opera) music is a big part of the Inspector Morse TV series and although there have been several soundtrack albums of various collections, no one has a more consistent and complete soundtrack playlist on Spotify so I decided to make one entitled "Thursday, Morse, Lewis, & Hathaway" in honour of the successive fictional Detective … Continue reading Endeavour, Morse, and Lewis Playlist

Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

So I created several Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) themed playlists on Spotify following on from the (relative) success of the materials and elements playlists and of course, in the process I went looking for others around the internet have found a few that other people have made... Here I present my findings: My … Continue reading Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction

The world of fiction is full of cats - especially on the bad guy's side. I don't know whether it is just because I just love cats too much or whether I can relate to them somehow (many engineers in fiction are evil too) but I find that there are some villainous cats that out … Continue reading Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction