Some Game of Thrones Playlists

Okay so if you have somehow missed my cluster of STEM-themed playlists then you can be forgiven but in return I ask you to forgive me for the terrible mini-project I started a few years ago - a collection of Game of Thrones themed playlists. What makes them quite so terrible? Well, like my STEM-themed … Continue reading Some Game of Thrones Playlists

The Extreme Sports Life on a Low Budget

My Mum bought me for Christmas this year one of those many "write a list" books that are popular at the moment, this one being "My Future Listography" specifically. In essence it is a dedicated notebook for assembling bucket lists. I assume part of the reasoning for this gift was my love of lists, and … Continue reading The Extreme Sports Life on a Low Budget

Endeavour, Morse, and Lewis Playlist

Basically, (opera) music is a big part of the Inspector Morse TV series and although there have been several soundtrack albums of various collections, no one has a more consistent and complete soundtrack playlist on Spotify so I decided to make one entitled "Thursday, Morse, Lewis, & Hathaway" in honour of the successive fictional Detective … Continue reading Endeavour, Morse, and Lewis Playlist

Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

So I created several Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) themed playlists on Spotify following on from the (relative) success of the materials and elements playlists and of course, in the process I went looking for others around the internet have found a few that other people have made... Here I present my findings: My … Continue reading Science, Engineering and Maths Themed Playlists

Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction

The world of fiction is full of cats - especially on the bad guy's side. I don't know whether it is just because I just love cats too much or whether I can relate to them somehow (many engineers in fiction are evil too) but I find that there are some villainous cats that out … Continue reading Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction