Some Game of Thrones Playlists

Okay so if you have somehow missed my cluster of STEM-themed playlists then you can be forgiven but in return I ask you to forgive me for the terrible mini-project I started a few years ago – a collection of Game of Thrones themed playlists. What makes them quite so terrible? Well, like my STEM-themed collections I tried to collect songs largely based on lyric, primarily title, content being relevant to the subject, not necessarily curating them into any kind of reasonable order, and largely ignoring the mix of genres and other features.

The GoT collections are therefore clustered by the different key Westerosi houses, with songs corresponding loosely to their respective animals, mottos, motifs, and themes so for example House Targaryen containing dragons and fire themed songs.

I thought it kind of interesting to see if there was any musical patterns corresponding to the lyric and title themes (so if all those under House Stark sounded similar – if there were musical features common amongst “winter” songs for example?). Results? I’ve done absolutely nothing formal as of yet, sorry. Informally, I feel so. You’ll have to take a listen and decide for yourself.

House Stark

House Lannister

House Tully

House Martell

House Targaryen

House Tyrell

House Baratheon

House Greyjoy

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think in comments below!



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