Some Game of Thrones Playlists

Okay so if you have somehow missed my cluster of STEM-themed playlists then you can be forgiven but in return I ask you to forgive me for the terrible mini-project I started a few years ago - a collection of Game of Thrones themed playlists. What makes them quite so terrible? Well, like my STEM-themed … Continue reading Some Game of Thrones Playlists


Fictional Things Now Fact

Okay so are actually also a lot of things that we can actually build that we used to portray in fiction in general popular culture that for a very long time we would laugh at and secretly wish we could actually build and own for ourselves. Actually thanks to a combination of lots of clever … Continue reading Fictional Things Now Fact

How To Engineer Iconic Sci-Fi / Fantasy

So after writing a while ago about my daydreams to build the mechanical owl Bubo from Clash of the Titans I wondered what other iconic 'objects' in fiction could actually possibly be built and was there any evidence of this? There is lot of discussion out there about fiction predicting future technology in a kind … Continue reading How To Engineer Iconic Sci-Fi / Fantasy