Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction

The world of fiction is full of cats - especially on the bad guy's side. I don't know whether it is just because I just love cats too much or whether I can relate to them somehow (many engineers in fiction are evil too) but I find that there are some villainous cats that out … Continue reading Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction


The Best ‘Alternative’ Geeky Posters

So every September millions of students excited to be living independently go about making their new flat or house feel like a home away from home. Part of this, or at least part of it for many of the students I know (including myself), is getting a few cool posters to adorn my new walls … Continue reading The Best ‘Alternative’ Geeky Posters

Fictional Things Now Fact

Okay so are actually also a lot of things that we can actually build that we used to portray in fiction in general popular culture that for a very long time we would laugh at and secretly wish we could actually build and own for ourselves. Actually thanks to a combination of lots of clever … Continue reading Fictional Things Now Fact

How To Engineer Iconic Sci-Fi / Fantasy

So after writing a while ago about my daydreams to build the mechanical owl Bubo from Clash of the Titans I wondered what other iconic 'objects' in fiction could actually possibly be built and was there any evidence of this? There is lot of discussion out there about fiction predicting future technology in a kind … Continue reading How To Engineer Iconic Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Fictional Engineers in Popular Culture

Recently, my little 10 year old cousin Olivia asked me what I was studying at university and I promptly told her engineering. She looked at me and said that that was really boring because it just made her think of a car mechanic. I rolled my eyes, this of course being a common misconception that … Continue reading Fictional Engineers in Popular Culture