The Extreme Sports Life on a Low Budget

My Mum bought me for Christmas this year one of those many "write a list" books that are popular at the moment, this one being "My Future Listography" specifically. In essence it is a dedicated notebook for assembling bucket lists. I assume part of the reasoning for this gift was my love of lists, and … Continue reading The Extreme Sports Life on a Low Budget


My Personal Bucket List

So these are all the things I'd like to do before I die: make a playlist for rainy afternoons that is long enough for me to last weeks of it listened to all the 1001 songs to listen to before you die, all of them in the right contexts e,g, on vinyl in the summer … Continue reading My Personal Bucket List

Antarctica – But how do I get there?

To whomever it may concern, I really want to work in the Antarctic. Fact. I have done for a very long time and not just for penguins but for the whole thing - the cold, the expanse, the quiet but for creaking snow and ice, the odd people that end up down there, the challenge. … Continue reading Antarctica – But how do I get there?