My Personal Bucket List

So these are all the things I’d like to do before I die:

  • make a playlist for rainy afternoons that is long enough for me to last weeks of it
  • listened to all the 1001 songs to listen to before you die, all of them in the right contexts e,g, on vinyl in the summer
  • tasted and compared various recipes for Scouse
  • eaten all the classic dishes of the North and Scotland
  • learned to surf properly
  • write a layman’s guide to particle accelerators so everyone can enjoy them too
  • been an extra in a film, preferably a period drama or fantasy
  • taken my Dad to see Friday Night comedy live in the studios
  • seen The Killers in concert
  • seen Vampire Weekend in concert
  • seen Arcade Fire live in concert
  • worked in Glastonbury
  • typed up all of my poems and published them all somewhere
  • written a complete setlist of songs from my guitar
  • actually completed a patent application for at least one of my inventions
  • read all of the BBC Big Read List and other classics
  • spent at least a couple of days in the city of York
  • lived for at least a week in Cornwall
  • learned to speak some basic Irish Gaelic
  • visited Kilkenny
  • visited Trilee
  • not visited Edinburgh Castle until my graduation day
  • completed my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
  • completed my Beaver Scout leader basic training
  • read all the books on my book list ->
  • watched all the cult films on my films list ->
  • seen lots of different theatre plays
  • written a complete play and put it into production
  • written a radio musical
  • written a stage/film musical (could actually adapt the radio musical)
  • learned some basic beekeeping
  • read all the Sandman comic books
  • watched the complete boxset of M*A*S*H
  • spend a longer time in Bratislava
  • learn to speak more basic Czech or Slovakian
  • completed my MEng degree properly
  • given a TEDx or actual TED talk
  • created a viral video or meme
  • completed the World Solar Vehicle Challenge (as in build the vehicle, not driving it)
  • been on the world’s largest zipwire
  • completed writing my novel
  • finished designing and building my board game Belief
  • studied or worked in Antarctica
  • published at least 2 scientific papers in well reputed journals
  • written a letter to several of my favourite authors to see if I can get a reply
  • complete the whole of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (not on a 3DS though)
  • complete the whole of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (again, not on a DS)
  • learn some basic taxidermy skills
  • learn the whole of The Rime of The Ancient Mariner off by heart

I appreciate that all these things are subject to some sort of change (by which I really mean I’ll be always adding more things and removing them as I complete them of course) but I don’t actually care if any of the creative things are particularly unsuccessful and I have no desire to do a lot of these things professionally because, well I like engineering more and that is why I’m pursuing that as a career. These are just all the things I’d like to do on the side, even if only in an incredibly amateurish context. For example I am hoping that I’ll be able to produce my scripts for stage while I am at university and can put things into production through Bedlam Theatre, the Edinburgh University Theatre Company’s theatre.


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