Intelligence, Failure and Fault

The Loch So the TV show The Loch, a sort of Scottish version of Broadchurch type crime drama, is being met with fairly mixed reviews as many are not enjoying the many glaring faults the show's writing is riddled with, particularly reliance on so many cliches and tropes. But in general I was enjoying watching … Continue reading Intelligence, Failure and Fault


Notes On My Personality In The Digital Data ‘Revolution’

A while ago I had intended to write a post about my identity and all that I felt I had learned about who I am over these last few years but amongst other things it got sidelined. Then this week I was watching the second episode of the BBC documentary series Secrets of Silicon Valley … Continue reading Notes On My Personality In The Digital Data ‘Revolution’

Thank You For The (Unidentified) Music

When I was a lot younger I never liked music. In fact I classed music lessons in school as a nightmarish an experience as gymnastics or really long assemblies where I'd get pins and needles in my legs. I look it in hindsight (and I explained to those close to me who were completely bewildered … Continue reading Thank You For The (Unidentified) Music