5 Step Instructions for Making A Rag Rug

  Background One of my brothers used to always insist on going to the Duxford Imperial War Museum for his birthday every year to see all the planes he loved so much, and I think it must have been there somewhere maybe that I saw it first - a craft commonly practised by those hiding … Continue reading 5 Step Instructions for Making A Rag Rug


Thermodynamics Playlist

Following on from my recent materials playlist and elements playlist, I decided to do another 'sciencey' collection of music, and so continuing in the field of materials science I thought I would do a thermodynamics playlist, especially as it was a topic I was revising for my summer exams. Listen to the Spotify playlist here: … Continue reading Thermodynamics Playlist

Materials Playlist

Inspired by Materials World's recent #materialsplaylist game on Twitter I decided that I would make a more complete and structured playlist of "materials". While looking up songs I found both Materials World's #materialsplaylist 2013 and this very useful list of songs featuring gold. I found that there were too many instrumental and heavy metal songs … Continue reading Materials Playlist

The Ballad of Vacuum Science

THE BALLAD OF VACUUM SCIENCE We don’t look at Dyson hoovers (they’re just short of atmosphere) We are several orders magnitude Down in pressure round here. We study right across the scales- Low, high to UHV- In the depths of space Is the best that you can see! But pressures low as that Are hard … Continue reading The Ballad of Vacuum Science