A New Era Of Silly Inventions

Engineers used to be the 'head in the clouds' dreamers trying to build flying contraptions that Heath Robinson parodied and Rube Goldberg celebrated but, over the last century, we have become more accustomed to seeing them as Silicon Valley businessmen or frugal car mechanics. The age of "techno-aesthetics" is having a revival at last*. This … Continue reading A New Era Of Silly Inventions


The Pen Lid (again)!

I've been working hard developing models for the pen lid invention and have got around to uploading the computer monitor hook designs onto my Quirky page... here is a sneak preview...

The Pen Lid Invention

In the middle of working on everything, I found a bit of time in the long Bank Holiday weekend to work on one of my sideline "other" projects, the pen lid! I've created a Quirky profile and there are now 30 days to vote for it at http://www.quirky.com/ideations/508938 . Check it out please! I've updated … Continue reading The Pen Lid Invention