PolyAnno: DragonDrop UI Design

This is part of my series of posts about the PolyAnno project – more here Basics To make development easier, I separated the development of the front-end Javascript and CSS package to allow me to generate, adjust the size of, drag and drop, adjust responsively to screen size, minimise, and then delete, boxes across the … Continue reading PolyAnno: DragonDrop UI Design


PolyAnno: Polyanno Storage

This is part of my series of posts about the PolyAnno project – more here Basics Eventually I decided it would be easier to separate out development of the longer term storage i.e. the Node/Express/MongoDB/Mongoose framework such that it can be installed separately and understood more simply in isolation. The Github repo can currently be … Continue reading PolyAnno: Polyanno Storage

PolyAnno: Image UI Design

This is part of my series of posts about the PolyAnno project - more here The Images So the first consideration I had with the transcription design was not the texts but the images themselves. Firstly, images taken as digital copies of collections like Edinburgh's are taken at incredibly high resolutions - every possible pixel … Continue reading PolyAnno: Image UI Design

PolyAnno – Adventures in Annotation

So I started several months ago a part time internship within the Library and Information Services group at the University of Edinburgh but now I am in my final week and I feel I should write up the fantastic experience I have had working on this project. Others might just find it interesting to read … Continue reading PolyAnno – Adventures in Annotation

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hacking: Data Design

This post is part of the series A Complete Beginner's Guide To Hacking So the main website languages define files that are sent off to be interpreted "client side" or rather to be interpreted by the browser that the client or user trying to view the page has. Client side languages are really good for … Continue reading A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hacking: Data Design

Overview… ILW Smart Data Hack and Participate.Ed

What? Participate.Ed - a MyEd app to effectively enable researchers to recruit student participants for experiments at the University of Edinburgh, part of the ILW Smart Data Hack When? 15th - 19th February 2016 Where? University of Edinburgh Who? Just me What About It? So I signed up to the Smart Data Hack this year … Continue reading Overview… ILW Smart Data Hack and Participate.Ed

Overview… ReCon Hackathon and SciComm Website

What? SciComm TLDR When? 20th June 2015 Where? CodeBase, Edinburgh What About It? So ReCon is a research conference at CodeBase in Edinburgh and they decided to have a fairly informal one day hackathon on the last day of the conference to hack at projects to improve research, whether specific projects or general implementation. The … Continue reading Overview… ReCon Hackathon and SciComm Website

Overview… Battlehack London and Leftover

What? Leftover - another wb app for food waste, at PayPal's BattleHack London When? 25th - 26th April 2015 Where? Tobacco Docks, London Who? Paolo Rossi, myself and Sleepy What About It? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f_iii6_FAY So I came to BattleHack London with a refined variation of the idea used at MLH Landing - as in, a new … Continue reading Overview… Battlehack London and Leftover

Overview…BattleHack Stockholm and Turtl

What? Turtl - a mental health help button, built using the Flic API at PayPal's BattleHack Stockholm When? 12th - 13th September 2015 Where? Stockholm Who? Me, Mari Ana, Tomas Kronvall What About It? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkdMAfV8eDE At BattleHack Stockholm I formed Team Turtle who developed a web application that aimed to use the Flic buttons as … Continue reading Overview…BattleHack Stockholm and Turtl

Overview… IOT//EDI and Wastr

    What? Wastr - a smart bin designed to encourage minimising waste, at the hardware hackathon accompanying the IOT//EDI conference When? 29th May 2015 Where? Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) Who? Me, Domantas Cibas, Dovile Vitonyte, and Marijonas What About It? There were two teams of us competing at a one day hardware … Continue reading Overview… IOT//EDI and Wastr