Polyanno: Basic API Design

This is part of my series of posts about the PolyAnno project - more here Storage and API Setup To store the annotations I decided to use MongoDB as a classic NoSQL, non-relational database to store the JSON-LD files because of its support for handling JSONs. I decided for simplicity to use Mongoose as a … Continue reading Polyanno: Basic API Design


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hacking: Data Design

This post is part of the series A Complete Beginner's Guide To Hacking So the main website languages define files that are sent off to be interpreted "client side" or rather to be interpreted by the browser that the client or user trying to view the page has. Client side languages are really good for … Continue reading A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hacking: Data Design

Overview… IOT//EDI and Wastr

    What? Wastr - a smart bin designed to encourage minimising waste, at the hardware hackathon accompanying the IOT//EDI conference When? 29th May 2015 Where? Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) Who? Me, Domantas Cibas, Dovile Vitonyte, and Marijonas What About It? There were two teams of us competing at a one day hardware … Continue reading Overview… IOT//EDI and Wastr