Overview… ReCon Hackathon and SciComm Website

What? SciComm TLDR

When? 20th June 2015

Where? CodeBase, Edinburgh

What About It?

So ReCon is a research conference at CodeBase in Edinburgh and they decided to have a fairly informal one day hackathon on the last day of the conference to hack at projects to improve research, whether specific projects or general implementation. The attendees were an interesting mix of researchers and those like myself who were just attending the hackathon at the end. I was particularly interested in this as I have some experience within research and academia from my Year In Industry and really enjoyed a lot of the conversations and insights that came from this hack.

A few teams worked on projects they had brought with them but a few of us formed a loose team developing a mock up of a website that would enable researchers to share and promote a ‘TLDR’ description of their work to promote it to the layperson and help manage that external communication. We developed the idea for a dashboard that would institutes and universities to quickly look at and filter the different publications by their TLDRs as well as being able to see how each one is interacting with social media so they have an idea of what is gaining or lacking in public interest.

As the event was only a short one, not much actual coding was done but it felt productive nonetheless, and in the end we came 2nd and won some freebies from Mendeley which was nice!

We didn’t win first prize but the team that did very kindly let us all have a taste! Slainte!

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