Waiting for the Monty Python Foot

So I thought that anyone who read my last personal update on my life posted here nearly ago might be wondering how I'm doing these days. A quick scan of the website shows that I haven't really been posting frequently over the last year, except for one flurry for my Guide to Hacking in September, … Continue reading Waiting for the Monty Python Foot


Dear Freshers, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned…

Dearest University Freshers, I am now in the part way through my degree at the University of Edinburgh and the initial chaos and confusion of Freshers week and settling in to a new flat and timetable and routine I find myself sat at my laptop procrastinating a mountain of important work and reflecting on what … Continue reading Dear Freshers, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned…

An Unexpected Journey/Year Out

So in my mildly superstitious way I thought this year was off to a bad start when I had too much of a very sober headache to enjoy New Year's Eve and within a few minutes of 2015 I had sloped off to sleep. However I think even without superstition I had begun to realise … Continue reading An Unexpected Journey/Year Out

15 Step Instructions To Make An Ohmu (From Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

Image by Erin Nolan 2014 | pigeonsblue.com

So several years ago I decided that I was going to go as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to a costume party and as part of that I made a (happy) baby Ohmu to accompany me. It was a while ago and so I never took photos of the steps as I was … Continue reading 15 Step Instructions To Make An Ohmu (From Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

The Best ‘Alternative’ Geeky Posters

So every September millions of students excited to be living independently go about making their new flat or house feel like a home away from home. Part of this, or at least part of it for many of the students I know (including myself), is getting a few cool posters to adorn my new walls … Continue reading The Best ‘Alternative’ Geeky Posters

My Personal Bucket List

So these are all the things I'd like to do before I die: make a playlist for rainy afternoons that is long enough for me to last weeks of it listened to all the 1001 songs to listen to before you die, all of them in the right contexts e,g, on vinyl in the summer … Continue reading My Personal Bucket List

I Reserve The Right To Be A Real Person

A TALE OF PERSONAL BRANDING A friend and developing businessman wrote a post a while ago on his blog questioning the purpose of social networks and it got me wondering too - are we going to so much effort purely in the hope it will help employers pick us? We've all heard the story of … Continue reading I Reserve The Right To Be A Real Person

‘The Genius Of The Place’

The Genius Of The Place is the name of the project that I have long been thinking about but I know I will never get the time or money to develop. The idea would be collecting and tagging every piece of artwork that directly portrays that particular place, preferably cataloging time and date as well, … Continue reading ‘The Genius Of The Place’