Brief Guide To Types Of Brakes


So I am in the mechanical team of Edinsolar – the University of Edinburgh’s solar vehicle and I have spent this semester primarily focusing on the brake design. Although I have had a vague interest in the workings of tyres as I investigated them while designing tread patterns for my  OneStep project, I had never really looked into brake design before.

Although the team has its own website I thought that I would also be sharing my personal ramblings and investigations into the brake designs and anything else I will be working on with the team. As part of our affliation with our university we have committed to making our whole progression from research, sketches and calculations through to manufacturing and racing so as to help others out there getting involved with the World Solar Vehicle challenge competition themselves.

So my initial research into brakes was on the types available, the pros, cons, applications and how they work. The following is the summary of this research:



PLEASE NOTE: I have not uploaded all of these posts yet and I will still be improving and editing my descriptions after posting so as to ensure they have all the accurate and relevant information.


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