The Superconductivity Song

Many know that
Electricity flows and
There’s often resistance according to Ohm

Some of these conductors though
Dropping to temperatures below
Critical temp go:

It doesn’t mean that perfect conductors are in existence
Though they have zero resistance,
For the magnetic fields are kicked out
And have to wrap themselves round about
This is the Meissner Effect we find
With a penetration depth from Fritz and Heinz.

In the research early days
We found that the transition phase
Was very cold, a few Kelvin degrees,
Now cuprates changed our theories
At one-thirty K {130K} we can see:

Repeat Chorus

So now if anyone should ask
About my current working task
I can show them my awesome graohs
And sing this song so they can see


I’m aware of how incredibly niche the audience for this song is but I thought that maybe one day I can make a whole series of songs and/or poems relating to science and engineering and make videos of them that make it easier to understand and appreciate…

I might update this post at a later point with a good explanation of superconductivity and the song. Just for the record, Fritz and Heinz London were the brothers that discovered the depth that the magnetic fields penetrate the surface of a material whilst superconducting a.k.a. the London Depth.

Oh and if anyone is interested, one of my current projects at work with ASTeC (Accelerator Science Technology Centre) is to investigate the properties of superconducting thin films.


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