Overview… MLH Hack The Burgh and “Quoted.”

What? A website of quotes pulled from a mix of social networks and famous quotes APIs at Major League Hacking (MLH) Hack The Burgh

When? 14th – 15th March 2015

Where? University of Edinburgh

Who? After several ideas were bounced around several people it ended up just me…

What About It?

As with the ILW Smart Data Hack earlier I wasn’t in the best place when I attended CompSoc’s first hosting of an MLH hackathon. I didn’t particularly put much effort into forming a team as I wasn’t feeling great and didn’t particularly want to disappoint any team members.

To begin with I found out that my VM wasn’t working and spent some time installing a dual boot with Fedora Linux which put my laptop out of action for a while, so I spent some time trying to complete various mini games and tasks. I wasn’t particularly motivated once things got going again but nonetheless attempted to make a terrible front end for a website (good old Bootstrap) and use the Twitter API and find some others using Python but never even finished those, let alone build a scraper as I had planned.

I spent a lot of time playing with the Lego that was provided, creating a pointless storyboard but didn’t have anything coding-wise worthwhile built in the end to submit, which actually made me even more frustrated with myself than before (combined with the inevitable hackathon sleep deprivation of course). I did however get to say that I hacked the Big Cheese (our Student Union cheesy club night) for a mini-game.


An unexpected bonus came a day after the event finished however when I won the raffle done by Thalmic Labs and got a Myo Armband sent in the post!



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