Materials Playlist

Inspired by Materials World's recent #materialsplaylist game on Twitter I decided that I would make a more complete and structured playlist of "materials". While looking up songs I found both Materials World's #materialsplaylist 2013 and this very useful list of songs featuring gold. I found that there were too many instrumental and heavy metal songs … Continue reading Materials Playlist


UK School STEM Competition Directory

Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) The list of STEM competitions, events and awards available to pre-university students in the UK. If you know of any that I have not included in the list then comment and let me know! I am hoping to update soon to include tags on the competitions if they are … Continue reading UK School STEM Competition Directory

An Interview with a Juggling Mathematician

A summer placement student at work was juggling in the office today and I remembered that back when I was a member of the University of Liverpool's Junior Maths Society, I interviewed the brilliant mathematician and juggler Colin Wright with my friend Caroline. We recorded it and wrote the transcript up for the school STEM … Continue reading An Interview with a Juggling Mathematician

STEM Website

Over the years of participating in a multitude of STEM competitions and events, apart from learning that there are some pretty awesome things in this world, I realised that there isn't one central place to go for a reilable, updated list of STEM events. I set about making the list that became my STEM page … Continue reading STEM Website