Announcing Pre-Orders for Jibo: The World’s First Social Robot for the Home

The pioneering work on social robotics at MIT’s Media Lab has been publicised a lot in recent years with phenomenal projects but this is the first time that it is not only commercially available but also has been packaged into what could be a revolutionary robot AND THEY ARE RELEASING DEVELOPER KITS I COULD WORK ON!! *Squeeeeeeeeee* … Sorry, I’m just too excited for this, I should probably find the money to get one and then I can collapse in tears of true engineering, hacker, coding joy!

Jibo Blog

Your interest and outreach has continued to amaze us, so we are pleased to announce the opportunity to pre-order Jibo. Please visit our Indiegogo InDemand page beginning today, May 18th. We appreciate the overwhelming support and love you have shown for Jibo, the world’s first Social Robot for the home, and your new helpful Family Companion. Thanks to those of you who signed up for Jibo updates or contacted us to be notified!

Home and Developer Edition Jibos are available in white and black, and now come with one charge plate and one battery pack, for just $749. Developer Edition Jibos will include the Jibo SDK free of charge.

Pre-orders placed through our Indiegogo InDemand page will start shipping* in the April/May 2016 timeframe. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-ordered, first-received basis.

*Please note ship dates may vary. Jibo, Inc. will keep those who have pre-ordered notified of their Jibo ship date.

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