Introducing…. The Pen Lid Range

Back not that long ago I uploaded a couple of lame posts about my initial ideas for a product with built-in pen lids for all those pens that people accumulate with missing lids that dry out quicker or cause ink stains. I originally planned to push the ideas on Quirky or something similar but have since decided that it is better off just being available for the internet to do with as it pleases and so have uploaded the designs to GrabCad instead. I have now developed the designs further into a range of different possible backings and so I would like to properly introduce readers to my Pen Lid Range…

The Problem

Pens with conventional lids often get separated from their lids then run out of ink quicker or leak scribble in pencil cases. The alternative pens with mechanical components often break or get stuck becoming useless or suffering from the same issue of an exposed nib.

The Solution

Re-usable pen lids made with backs, accessories or extensions that attach them more permanently to surfaces so that they are not easily lost. People can just put any lidless pen they find into the devices as opposed to throwing them away or leaving them to dry out quicker.

Key Features

  • Easily manufactured for cheap cost – pen lids are generally made to standardised sizes
  • Eco-friendly – encourages reuse of pens that would otherwise go to landfill
  • Quality – homemade alternatives tend to fall apart or cost a lot for good quality one-offs
  • Safe – no danger of choking on the lid because of its attachments
  • Good design – cheap pens in a designer re-usable lid look designer; better investment than a designer pen itself that runs out!
  • Wide market – everyone uses pens
  • Adaptable – range of designs for different surfaces possible

The Designs


– a computer monitor hook to make the pens extra useful by keeping them close by when you need them to note down your internet discoveries (such as this brilliant website you’re currently reading..)



– hole-y cow this design is awesome! The Barrett is designed to allow pins through so that you can attach your pens to your noticeboard for extra usefulness.

NoticeboardPen1  NoticeboardPen3NoticeboardPen2


– keep your lidless pens close to their friends with the lids arranged around an ever snazzy pen pot.



– with sand inside weighing down the long side of the Gilmour you can securely balance this on your bookshelf edge and keep your pens nearby the endless pile of textbooks for revision…

PenLidBookshelf1 PenLidBookshelf2 PenLidBookshelf3


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